Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Clean Windows

Times when you feel worn out
come again and again
- every couple of months
every couple of years
the well runs dry for a while

you feel like an old leather cloth
that's been used too many times
to clean windows
and when you're picked up once more
to clean yet another one
you plainly refuse

refuse and crawl away into a dark
preferably warm corner
and you stop moving
until the worn-out feeling has left your body
your heart your soul your spirit
your cells your breath your mind
your voice your ear your eye
your luck your courage your sixth sense
and your seventh

and maybe while you lie there
huddled into your corner comfortably
and undisturbed - you might even
find the nourishment
that feeds you
find cuddling, find talking, find company

to come out again
to clean windows

mighty soon

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