Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pillow Over Me Head

I've put a pillow over me head
feels better that way  -
it protects me
from too much noise
and it sort of slows down time

Does time run or walk?

I nick the corner of the pillow
when people look at me
their eyes telling me that I look stupid
but I'd rather keep it on my head
and pay that price

I don't know if time runs or walks
it probably can do both - like people
and sometimes I think it's gaining speed
(that's an old one, of course..)


My pillow and me
we went to the supermarket
a couple of days ago

I bought nuts and yoghurt
and went to the counter
where an old lady looked at me
 - she found my pillow perfectly normal
in its fluffy whiteness
and I thanked her for letting me go first
(she was reading the headlines)

I think she could've been Margaret Thatcher
or a sister of Roger Ebert
and I think she wanted a pillow too

All those people dying:
another reason
to keep mine 

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