Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Arms

My arms bleed dry
someone's punched a hole into their skin
and drop after drop I'm leaking red
I don't remember when it happened
- I just realized one day 

that my arms were bleeding
bleeding slowly, a thin string of blood
dripping down to the floor
I didn't do anything about it
I didn't have time, I was busy
- and I liked the red
Then I got used to it, to the bleeding
got used to all the paper towels needed
to keep the office clean
Gee. What a mess.
It's been going on for weeks now
my arms becoming paperdry
I thought my bones where thin
but they are much thinner really
- there's nothing left but skin and bone 
There's an anorexic girl in my neighbourhood
her arms look as thin as mine
but with me it's just the arms
the rest of my body looks the same
my face hasn't turned all puffy
as they do with people who don't eat right

(she works in my favourite burger joint
frying burgers all day
but never eating)
Sometimes I think:
why don't I stop the bleeding?

it should be very easy
shouldn't it?
but I'm so used to my arms bleeding
so used to the thin, the dry feeling
and I'm curious so see what's going to happen
I'm curious if that someone comes around again

and I'm sleepy...

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